Xmlvalidatingreader set schema

The Validation Type property determines the type of validation performed by the Xml Validating Reader.

You must set this property before calling the Read method.

Of course, in between all the element and attributes are quaint symbols and keywords that will make sense only to DTD experts (if you don’t belong to that elite group, you can start with the reference links provided at the end of this article). NET code that uses the [/code]It is interesting to note here that the XMLValidating Reader will continue to read the XML data even if it encounters an error – which is why it becomes critical to ensure that you devise your very own escape route to get out of erroneous situations.

Now, you’ve already seen two of the three built-in objects based on the core Xml Reader object — the class allows you to read data from any node of a DOM tree present in memory.

These paths are used frequently in a variety of front-end development and QA automation tasks.

xmlvalidatingreader set schema-5

The following tables outline the values for the Validation Type property.In such situations, you’ll also need to know how you can use a DTD to validate an XML document instance.Here’s the updated XML file — notice it now includes a reference to a DTD instead of an XML Schema:[code][/code]A close look at this file and you will see that it describes the structure of the XML document instance fairly well.Therefore, it’s a good idea to define an event handler to trap this event and take appropriate action when it occurs.In this example, I’ve defined an event handler function named property of the object is used to display a user-friendly error message in the browser.

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