Who is sheree whitfield dating 2016

She acknowledged that the two dated six years ago but lost touch and reunited when Gilliams was in prison.

It’s got to add an extra layer of difficulty to maintain that relationship with someone who is in prison. You got to think about it, we have nothing but time to talk and get to know one another.

Almost as soon as they hit the internet, Sheree stepped forward to say that the man they were discussing was her not her boyfriend but just a friend. Were you hesitant to get into the relationship, looking at what Phaedra went through? Not really what Phaedra went through but it’s just new for me. I’ve not dated someone incarcerated before, so it was definitely new for me.

But months later, it seems that Sheree is changing her tune.

website fameolous.com, to spill this pipin’ hot tea!

Since episode 2 of season 9 has aired, info about her boo thang has come forward, with some compelling details.

It appears the RHOA star is dating and possibly engaged to an inmate by name of Tyrone Gilliams.

A couple of months ago, rumors spread that Sheree Whitfield was dating a man who was serving time in prison. A lot of my other relationships, we didn’t communicate. So you take the physicality out–and with me, I like to be stimulated on a deeper level.

The woman revealed that Sheree normally visits Gilliams on Sundays in prison.

Longtime fans of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" will remember Tyrone as a party promoter that drove a wedge between Nene and Sheree.

I bet that Sheree was not trying to date anybody that looks broke!

Here’s the initial correspondence from the first source to come forward.

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