Who is marshall mathers dating now

Just a few days ago, the rapper released , his ninth studio album on a label and his latest since 2013’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

Rapping since the late ’90s, Eminem became a household name after releasing his single “My Name Is,” so we’re happy that he’s still making music — even though his life is much different now than it was back then.

Eminem and Kim started dating almost immediately, and conceived their first daughter Hailie in 1996.

During 1999-2000 Eminem had a relationshipwith Kesia Alvarez.However revelers around Hailie's age were spotted arriving at the home in the afternoon and a beach ball made its way into the front yard, suggesting there was an impromptu pool party happening out back.Eminem did what many people do when looking for love — used an app.The pressures of parenting were too much for the young couple, that split some months later.However, the two were reunited and married in 1998. Enraged by the act, Eminem hit him and was arrested for assault.

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