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Again, standard syntax that's supported with SQL Server doesn't work with the VFP I kept this method to only a few field values to keep these code snippets short enough for display you'd probably want to add all the remaining fields.

The VFP Stored Procedure looks like this added to the Interestingly enough I also ran into a major bug in the driver before I added the code above.

The new access against a Fox data source I'll build a small and simplistic sample ASP.

NET Web Form applet that lets you browse and edit entries in the TASTRADE sample database shipped with Visual Fox Pro. NET to access VFP via you have to make sure that your data directories are properly configured to allow the ASPNET user full access to your data paths. NET runs under this user by default although you can change the actual account in if you choose.

NET introduces a brand new environment and many new concepts for developing applications.

NET is here you've undoubtedly have the urge to use or at least play with the new functionality that the platform provides. NET from Visual Fox Pro (or most other development languages) is a big step that requires a steep learning curve.

Integration between the old and the new will be crucial as a first step to provide for the ramp up time that's needed to get up to speed on the new platform as well as providing vital links between old and new applications.

The code above is fine, but it gets repetitive in a hurry, so rather than write it each time it's a good idea to isolate some of the data access code into a separate business object layer. NET application that displays a list of customers and lets you browse through the list and view and edit each of the customers. I'll demonstrate querying, updating and finally adding a customer using a stored procedure in this example all using the simple business object template. This view state also includes settings of the list such as the currently selected item(s).

This is overly simplistic for this article's purposes, but demonstrates the basics of what it takes to simplify data access and separate the business logic from the ASP. This works well for smallish lists like this one, but I wouldn't recommend this same approach for long lists as you are essentially trading bandwidth for server resources against a database operation. NET form means that the form is not being loaded for the first time and returning values from the form in other words the user has clicked a button.

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