Updating old fireplaces

Each gas fireplace has specific requirements for venting and as such the existing chimney system in an old fireplace would have to be updated as well.

With any gas appliance a permit is required and you should always work with a qualified gas fitter to ensure safety.

When installing a mantle, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s specs for clearances to combustible materials.

New gas fireplaces generally do not require a hearth.

Often, they had little or no mantle and just tile around the fireplace opening.

A decorative mantel on your fireplace provides visual interest and an instant update.

Refreshing your drab fireplace brings new life into the space.

A thorough cleaning to remove black soot from the stones can instantly renew a well-used fireplace and surround.

As you can see in the picture, this particular fireplace was updated with a dry stacked stone product that carried on to the ceiling.

The mantle was built to match the kitchen cabinets in the adjacent space.

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