Updating 003 rack system firmware initializing controllers

If all of the cores in the network utilize the same type of pseudo random number generator, they will generate the same sequence of random numbers.If the random number generators of two or more cores become synchronized with each other, they will cause the associated cores to back off by the same times.ATM networks are relatively new, and the nature and patterns which congestion can take are not well understood.

ATM cells need not be contiguous, so that computer coded data from one user can be interspersed with, for example, voice data from another user in a time divisioned manner.However, if too many users attempt to inject too much data into the network simultaneously, the bandwidth of the network can be exceeded resulting in substantial delays in data transmission, transmission errors and lost data.Congestion is controlled by sensing the traffic in the network at the various nodes, sending special information packets between nodes to notify the other nodes of the magnitude and type of congestion, and delaying transmission of data at specified nodes in accordance with a predetermined congestion control algorithm.A major problem which is inhibiting the widespread deployment of ATM is that no single ATM protocol has been developed.A diverse assortment of ATM protocols have been developed by various manufacturers throughout the industry, some of which are so different as to be incompatible with each other.

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