Tips for your online dating profile

Remember how you were asked to revise your papers after you finished writing a test, before you submitted them? Revise what you have written on your profile and check if you've made any silly spelling or grammatical mistakes. Be proper in your sentence formation and don't be crass! Having a good command over your language skills does.

Sometimes you may mistake what's crass for what's cool. Let's face it, women love a man with good humour and great wit. Puns are never too overrated so if you can sparingly use them, then do so.

You are after all, marketing your potential and seeking validation.

To nail the perfect dating profile, you need something catchy and relatable to your future partner.

A funny and witty profile is not only boring but it breaks the monotony of having to go through all the other boring profiles.

"If you don't provide people with a lot of information, it makes it very difficult for them to start a conversation," Carbino said.

"So I'm always encouraging people to use photographs as an opportunity for people to tell their story, as well as their biographical data to tell a story." Apologies to our glasses-wearing friends, but the data doesn't lie: Per Carbino, wearing specs (including sunglasses) in a profile picture decreases a user's right swipes on Tinder by an unfortunate 15 percent.

Hats, too, decrease a user's right swipes by 12 percent.

Some common catchphrases may not work for your profile so you have to put out the best possible version of you online. on your online dating profile but you can still floor the ladies if you keep these pointers in mind!

Be a little more innovative with your profile and don't use the same old lingos and jargon.

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