Taboo personal dating

”I can recall 3 new veterinarians marrying clients.When I consider my many single team members—veterinary technicians, receptionists, assistants, and veterinarians—I estimate that about a third have dated a client or 2.Keep in mind, not all those relationships began in the practice; when people start dating a team member, they tend to bring their pet to the practice.One manager I interviewed said, “I had a veterinarian marry a client.We have hired many fresh graduates, and the majority were single at the time.

Keeping that in mind, it is advisable to include a section in your policy manual that addresses “potential client relationships” and clearly defines personal responsibility and responsibility to the practice.Certainly I can find some helpful statistics to bring about a solid article.What I did find was that in the worlds of physical therapy, law, and counseling, research reveals that dating clients is common, although not looked upon favorably.Harassment policies are not just for sexual harassment; they can include any behavior that could create a nonproductive environment.After review with a human resource lawyer, introduce a statement outlining the pitfalls of dating clients, including the effects on client confidentiality, and describing expected conduct from team members. Sexual Harassment; note: Rebecca Rose, CVT, has worked in a mixed animal practice, managed 2 AAHA-accredited hospitals, written books on veterinary careers, assisted managers with creating employee handbooks, and offered courses on professionalism, employee handbooks, and human resource tools.

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