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Comedy/drama; 2 women and 1 man, or 2 men and 1 woman (the pair's genders are optional), a tent, 10 minutes.

Under Cover (2002) A well intentioned woman responds to the liberal call to wear the veil in solidarity with innocent Islamic women who may be treated as enemies in post Sept 11 America. Comedy monologue for 1 woman dancer, 1 woman disembodied voice. Comedy; 1 man, a table and 2 chairs, under 10 minutes.Square Pegs (1993) The downsized meet the down and out in a motivational workshop for the unemployed.(Autumn Leaves II) One Fiery Leaf (2000) A stand-alone sequel to "Autumn Leaves". Best Practice (2008) When Mrs Cradditch is very sick but uncooperative, a social worker intervenes. Thriller; 2 men, 4 women, no set (i.e.backstage) 35 minutes. (2005) A family squabble about whether to visit grandma for Christmas. Conventional Behavior (1984, 1996) In this romantic comedy set at a Boston Science Fiction Convention, is love just a role playing game? Cyberscripture Part I: Unplugged (1998) Panacea, a messianic visionary, loses her cool when she loses her access to the Inter Net.When Ann's marriage has gone sour, she knows she can count on her mother, Janet, to help her out. Science fiction; 2 women, 1 (optional) security guard either male or female, office set, 15 minutes.

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