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Maidcity is a one-stop hub for both the recruitment and the employment of skilled nannies, boosted by our agency’s embracement of efficient web technologies which make recruiting and finding the perfect maid for your home easier than ever before.Established with the intention of making the recruitment and search for friendly, skilled maids a smooth process for workers and families, Maidcity has revolutionised Singapore’s maid and nanny services industry.Suppliers, recruited from several countries of origin, are employed within our agency to ensure that all workers brought from countries abroad are sufficiently trained, with all necessary arrangements made, to make our recruitment of maids from abroad an efficient and legitimate process.Finding a skilled maid from abroad or within Singapore to meet the needs of your residence has never been so easy, nor so reliable with several established service providers partnered with our agency to fill in any gaps of the process.

By utilising our efficient search options on our website or by calling our employment agency specialists, you can find a capable and hardworking Myanmar maid that will be able to perform the maid duties you need within your household.Furthermore, as you search our web-based pool of workers, you may click on the photos of each showcased new maid to view additional information regarding each individual maid.This includes past experiences the worker may have performing maid or nanny services for households, the specific skills they possess as relevant to their work, a checklist overview of their medical history, and any additional details regarding their work experience and preferences for employment.Showcasing efficient maids from several countries abroad as well as those originally based in Singapore, our employment agency allows equal opportunity for determined maids that have the drive to thrive as capable domestic workers in Singapore.Domestic households in need of quality maid or nanny services can therefore browse our website’s gallery of skilled maids to find an ideal worker from either abroad or a local Singapore location.

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