Sex dating in paonia colorado

At one point police said they believed it was a sex-game gone wrong, but illegal immigrant Cheik Tidiane Diaw, who is charged with her murder.

It was the only record of criminal activity involving Beigler, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation "Records from the Northglenn Police Department show officers cited Beigler on suspicion of harassment and domestic violence the afternoon of Aug. The incident, which took place shortly after the two separated, according to her Web postings and police files, landed then-27-yr-old Beigler in the Adams County Jail in Brighton for the night." VAN SUSTEREN: When did husband number one [Beigler] and Paige break up? It had been reported in The Post that there were some issues over whether (ph) or not the children, and Ron also told me that he was becoming more and more uncomfortable with her activities as a stripper and that he was also aware that she had met the man [Rob Dixon] that would become husband number two.

She began taking ballet in the third grade at a small studio in Littleton and continued to take lessons and perform in recitals through high school there. ""Her father, Frank Birgfeld [from Centennial], a former vice president and director of the National Association of Securities Dealers, said she [Paige] was average- looking in high school [Littleton's Heritage High School] and not one of the popular girls.

At one point, she thought of taking over the business from the owner so she could give lessons and teach.""Biegler was an odd match for Paige Birgfeld. They had met without really knowing it years before their eventual marriage. After the date, Biegler was too shy to make the first move. She was never a cheerleader or involved in athletics, but she was scrappy.

He told me in very clear terms that he felt they were together in the sense that they had rekindled the relationship, they were in an established relationship, at the time of her disappearance." "Dixon lavished Paige with gifts - jewelry, cars and plenty of money.

Dixon was wealthy and said he wanted to have children.

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