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Her relatives were taxi drivers, she said, and were murdered when they were unable to pay an extortion fee.

She and her eldest daughter were threatened and assaulted by the same criminals, who came to their home and demanded money, she said.

ICE guidelines generally deter agents from taking action at designated “sensitive locations,” which include schools, hospitals and churches.

But agents have arrested people immediately outside those places, angering immigrant groups that accuse ICE and its companion agency, Customs and Border Protection, of violating their own policies.

“Because the reason we’re here is that our lives are in danger in Mexico.” Hernandez had been ordered to leave this country by Dec.

15, following denial of the family’s petition for asylum.

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Those suspicions must be based upon specific, objective facts, not merely the physical appearance of the driver and passengers, according to immigration attorneys.Most of all, she said, they are entitled to an education, the same as any other child in the United States. “We wish our new students all the best as they begin their first day in our public schools,” Superintendent William R. It promises to test the resolve of the Kenney administration, which has defended Philadelphia’s “sanctuary city” status in federal court, and that of a school system that says it stands strong for immigrant students.“My children have a right to go to school, and we will make that happen,” the 36-year-old mother said in Spanish. Shortly after 8 a.m., they, family and friends gathered in a circle inside the church, holding hands, each calling out a single word they felt in their hearts. It will stretch the organizing power of immigrant groups already strained by the roiling changes in federal policy under President Trump.Most people who take church sanctuary don’t dare step outside, knowing they could be immediately arrested by federal agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, better known as ICE. “Philadelphia has a heart big enough to embrace the entire world, to embrace Carmela and her family,” City Councilwoman Helen Gym told the assembled.But, Hernandez said in an interview at the church, the children need to move and play and engage with others their age. “This family is loved and welcomed here in our city.” Leaders of the New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia, an advocacy organization that assists the family, declined to specify which schools the children would attend. “Our schools are safe places to learn, and we welcome every child and family with open arms regardless of background.” This new bid to have both sanctuary and school poses a direct challenge to ICE, which has detained children as young as 10 and asserts the right to arrest undocumented immigrants anywhere.

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