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Most of the town hid in fear inside their houses or hotels, sometimes even leaving town.

Some youths took matters in their own hands by trying to bait the Phantom so they could kill him.

After three months of no more Phantom attacks, the Texas Rangers slowly and quietly left town to keep the Phantom from believing he was safe to strike again.

The murders were reported nationally and internationally by several publications.

Swinney's wife refused to testify against him, and he was never convicted, but two of the lead investigators in the case believed him to be guilty, and the 2014 book The Phantom Killer: Unlocking the Mystery of the Texarkana Serial Murders, by Dr.

James Presley also points to Swinney as the culprit of all five attacks.

The first double murder, which involved Richard Griffin and Polly Ann Moore, happened four weeks later.

The second double-homicide, involving Paul Martin and Betty Jo Booker, occurred exactly three weeks from the first murders. Finally, almost exactly three weeks later, Virgil Starks was killed and his wife, Katie, was severely wounded.

The attack happened on a lateral road off of Richmond Road, a mile north of the addition known as Beverly.As she ran towards a ditch, the assailant told her not to go that way but to run up the road.She stated that while she was running, she heard Hollis groaning, and that the man continued to beat and stomp him.The attacks happened on weekends between February 22, 1946 and May 3, 1946.The first two victims, Jimmy Hollis and Mary Larey, survived.

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