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And many shelters are coming up with innovative programs to facilitate adoptions of hard-to-place pets, such as older animals, pit bulls, and pets with disabilities or health problems. What to know“With older cats, we always do a reduced adoption fee,” says Ken White, president of Peninsula Humane Society in San Mateo, Calif. Older animals are sometimes a really excellent choice for older people.” Some organizations also tap donor-supported funds to help with medical bills even after adoption.

Many share the animals' names and stories in an effort to make them more adoptable.

“You look at what needs to be achieved and figure out how to do that.

Maybe it means letting go of some programs that don’t have a lifesaving impact or shifting the hours that the shelter is open,” she said.

In less than a year, cat adoptions nearly doubled, from 2,100 in 2006 to 3,745 in 2007.

Dog adoptions increased 51 percent, from 2,439 to 3,707.

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February 23, 2018 -- Law enforcement agencies are once again invited to apply for a Virginia Rules Camp Grant for summer 2018.

There are a whole lot of rural areas that don’t have accessibility to even the minimal amount of services.” 'Every animal moves out of here' Critics charge that no-kill shelters accept only the most adoptable animals, but Richmond SPCA's Starr refutes that.

Unless animals are too sick or injured to recover to a quality life or are so aggressive that they are dangerous, “every animal moves out of here,” she said.

When the Richmond SPCA in Virginia announced plans to become a no-kill animal shelter beginning in 2002, there was one thing that CEO Robin Starr didn’t expect: vocal opposition from local rescue groups.

Opponents argued that the change would mean a disproportionate amount of unadoptable animals would end up at the city’s animal control shelter — possibly leading to more animal deaths.

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