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Our agent can assist you at the first meeting in Ukraine; the sequel is up to you and the lady.So you are in good hands and this increases your chances of success.Rather than being set up to support the member companies, with a committee made up of representative of individual companies as with other regulatory bodies. The BBC’s Panorama programme exposed all sorts of malpractice within the online dating sector in their programme ‘Tainted Love’ and the Information Commission, the custodians of the Data Protection Act in the UK, issued warning letters to the ‘Big 4’ online dating companies and the A. What makes us unique and why we can provide the best services is that we are a combination of a dating site, marriage agency and a social networking site. You probably know the stories of fake profiles and sites where many unfair practices take place.

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I was often surprised by the sincerity of Ukrainian women who are looking for a serious relationship. Dating Women Ukraine is more than a quality dating site for single men and attractive Ukrainian women.

In addition, the communication is not being checked which causes that unfair practices occur.

In fact all they do is offering the opportunity to become a member, but nothing more.

Helping men to avoid that they come into contact with fraud in the market of international dating, is the main reason why I started up my business and my website,, in The Netherlands.

It arose from an idealistic perspective in order to offer the best possible alternative for less reliable parties.

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