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A naked day will teach you that you can interact, sans clothes, with people for a lot of things other than sex.And it reminds you that we are, in our essence, all still just animals.I'm not even sure how these things are possible without trauma-center levels of blood loss, but I saw more dudes with rings, bars, and studs through their sacks than I saw men with clothes on.Every single one induced a wince of "Oh-God-that-must-have-hurt" discomfort.

At least the parts of your body that see the sun do.The amount of hideable-area ink I saw was astounding, and few of the tattoos could be described as "subtle." Full dragon with flapping wings on a female chest? Which, now that I think about it, often ended up with me naked too.Nudists are, by and large, some of the friendliest people I've ever met.Whether we should or not, guys tend to have tractor-beam vision when it comes to breasts.And maybe, possibly, once in a while we tend to fixate on them instead of, ya know, actually listening.

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