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We have thousands of naked Asian girls just waiting for their foreign boy friends. And, never having spent a full day wearing nothing but sunscreen, I thought it would be an interesting little trip outside of my comfort zone.I'm not even sure how these things are possible without trauma-center levels of blood loss, but I saw more dudes with rings, bars, and studs through their sacks than I saw men with clothes on.

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Nor is there anything arousing about sending emails with a bare ass.and think, "Maybe I should lay off the Buffalo chicken fingers for a while." But standing in a group of people who are completely naked, you realize NOBODY has a perfect body.You see that we've all got little lumps and wrinkles and scars and jiggly parts, and you're OK with whatever little imperfections you were just pinching a few hours earlier.Some believe (wrongly) that nudist resorts are big swingers parties full of people with crazy piercings who all end up in some sort of "dungeon." And those who run clothing-optional resorts would tell you that's not true at all. No, a nudist resort is not an orgy, and sexual contact is explicitly prohibited in public areas.But that’s not to say they aren't popular among swingers and fetishists too.

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