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These include the eccentric Miss Havisham, the beautiful but cold Estella, and Joe, the unsophisticated and kind blacksmith.Dickens's themes include wealth and poverty, love and rejection, and the eventual triumph of good over evil.He tells Pip how Miss Havisham was jilted by her fiancé.Pip meets fellow pupils, Bentley Drummle, a brute of a man from a wealthy noble family, and Startop, who is agreeable. When Joe visits Pip at Barnard's Inn, Pip is ashamed of him.

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Then, full of remorse, Miss Havisham tells Pip how the infant Estella was brought to her by Jaggers and raised by her to be cold-hearted. As Pip is about to leave, Miss Havisham accidentally sets her dress on fire. She eventually dies from her injuries, lamenting her manipulation of Estella and Pip.However, he returns to see Pip, who was the motivation for all his success. Subsequently, Pip and Herbert Pocket devise a plan for Magwitch to escape from England.Pip returns to Satis Hall to visit Estella and encounters Bentley Drummle, who has also come to see her and now has Orlick as his servant.He is disquieted to see Orlick now in service to Miss Havisham.He mentions his misgivings to Jaggers, who promises Orlick's dismissal.

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