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Here is Che's prerevolutionary existence, in its pristine state of idealism, passion and sheer vibrant youth.

Just before he sets off, Che's father takes him aside and in a man-to-man moment of intimacy gives him something for emergencies.

­Motorcycle Basics Motorcycles are motorized vehicles for transporting one or two riders.

Generally, a motorcycle has only two wheels, but any vehicle with fewer than four wheels in contact with the ground can be classified as a motorcycle.

This summer, they seemed to alternate between "fcuk" and that famous image by Cuban photographer Alberto Korda, captured while Che was at a rally in 1960, protesting about counter-revolutionaries who had blown up a Belgian freighter full of Cuban armaments and killed 100 dock workers in the process. Walter Salles's fervent, dreamily reverent biopic of Ernesto "Che" Guevara's legendary gap year won't do much to change this.

All parts are hand packed by our knowledgeable and helpful staff and despatched safely using DHL.Both have an eye for the ladies, which gets them chased out of town by furious husbands.But they also come into contact with a species they had never before properly encountered: poor people.(I had always thought, incidentally, that the nickname Che, Argentinean slang for "mate" or "buddy", came into being on this trip, the two men calling each other "Che" Granado and "Che" Guevara.But Alberto here calls Ernesto by a nickname that has vanished from history, "Fuser".) On their journey, Granado and Guevara cheekily pass themselves off as doctors working on a cure for leprosy to obtain free board, lodging and motorcycle maintenance.

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