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I know people around your age who live here and it's true that they often have roommates. One can date here, but date carefully because you'll see the same folks night after night.I also think that there is a lot more activity for younger people than there used to be, so once you got around and started meeting people you wouldn't have to feel isolated. I love Montpelier, but it might be hard to adjust to after living in Burlington.After an enjoyable day working the front lawn at Montpelier on the first day, day two at Montpelier started out with a downpour.It rained hard and we spent several hours in the archaeology lab hearing Dr.Once it reaches a certain level, we’ll switch discrimination on and begin digging good targets.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!This method of zeroing in is also used by detectorists, but usually with far less rigor or precision.

For food you have Hunger Mtn Coop, Shaws, and other little city markets right within town.We took our time and worked as a team – covering several large blocks of the matrix.At one point I joked with the others that I was going to secretly turn on my discriminator and start hunting copper and brass!While I have always used square nails as a rough indicator of a sites’ age, I will never look at a nail the same way!Again, working in all-metal mode, we dug all hits – which for the first hour were modern wire apparently related to early logging operations in the area. Working downslope, I began to find cut nails just before we quit.

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    Hope he gets the chance to "drop a few seeds" before winter arrives!