Melissa francis dating

However, it’s not known whether the actress said those in humor or was serious about the statement.The duo has come a long way now and is parents to three beautiful children, sons, Greyson and Thompson and daughter, Gemma.Her mother posts happy pictures of the family on social media which does show how together they are as a family.

Francis anchors FNC’s weekday noon news program ‘America’s News HQ’ along with, Arthel Neville, Uma Pemmaraju, and Elizabeth Prann.Melissa and her husband conceived their youngest child through surrogacy due to her severe hereditary condition called Factor V Leiden.A doctor informed her about her genetic condition that created difficulty for her to have kids during first two pregnancies as well but seems her motherly instincts won over everything.Melissa and the director tied the knot after sharing a beautiful relation for a particular time.In an interview with US Weekly, the anchor revealed that she married Wray because he thought her feet aren’t ugly.

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