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In carrying out our research we examined approximately 2,000 Medalta items, many that were not recorded in the Symonds' book.

In the near future we hope to publish a catalogue of Medalta products, giving the dates when new lines were introduced.

The appendix illustrates all stamps, markings, and labels for which photographs or photocopy illustrations could be obtained.

(They are shown in actual size, plus or minus two millimetres.7) For purposes of ready references, selected examples of these illustrations are included in the text in reduced size.

Far from it, for new stamps and variations are being observed in nearly every collection that we examine.

This paper lists and examines the various markings that are found on Medalta products produced between 19.

The first section records the various oxide stamps, mold impressions, and paper labels that the company used to identify its wares.

Many private collectors deserve our thanks for permitting us to examine and record their collections and for providing some thoughtful comments.

We are similarly indebted to several public institutions that gave free access to their Medalta collections: Provincial Museum and Provincial Archives of Alberta, Edmonton; Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery, Medicine Hat; National Museum of Man, National Museums of Canada, Ottawa; Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.

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