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The second section discusses other identifying markings found on Medalta wares, usually in association with the company's name.These include size and content markings, style numbers and names, designers' names, and colour or design markings.As the collection grew and was catalogued it became readily apparent that the standard reference for Medalta by Richard and Jean Symonds2 was incomplete and in need of updating.An ever-increasing number of new stamps was being observed and therefore it became necessary to supplement their list.Jack Barrie, Rose and Christoff Stickle, Ed Philipson, and Roy Ogilvie all provided valuable information that helped to fill in the story.Finally, we extend our thanks to Hugh Dempsey and Jack Forbes who examined the paper for errors and deficiencies.In 1978 the authors undertook the task of examining the collections of the Glenbow-Alberta Institute to determine the extent of the museum's Medalta holdings.1 We were rather surprised to discover that the collection consisted largely of stoneware products, particularly crocks and jugs.

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Any supplementary information concerning Medalta's identification markings will be incorporated in this catalogue as the products can only be examined along with the markings that identify and date them.

At the same time we found that the dating of the stamps could be refined.

The body of knowledge that had been available to the Symonds had expanded considerably, particularly with the publication of .3 This historical sketch of Medalta, coupled with information gleaned from Medalta price and order lists,4 catalogues,5 and a stock ledger,6 was examined in relation to the products and as a result we were able to refine the dates for many of the stamps.

The third section is a listing of the specific companies, firms, or businesses that engaged Medalta to produce items bearing their own names for advertising or identification purposes.

This final section may seem out of place in a paper concerned with Medalta markings, but since these markings are the most helpful in dating the product and associated stamp, they are considered an integral part of this paper.

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