Ladyboysex dates

When you enter you will be offered a drink and can check out the lineup of girls in a fishbowl. After choosing a girl you will head upstairs to a nice room that has a bath tub in it.

There used to be a tiered pricing structure where some of the sexy Thai massage girls cost more than others, but that isn’t the case now. She will fill the tub and the two of you will get in together.

If they end up getting offered a special massage then great, if not they can find something else later on.

Most guys seem to prefer Christin Massage, but that doesn’t mean it is the best.

If you don’t like the lineup at one soapy then head to the other and see if the girls are any better there.

There are many different types of massage on offer here.

You can visit the most famous soapy massage parlor near Patong and just off Bangla Road called Christin Massage.

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