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Dakota claims that she approaches acting as she would with any other profession, which is to say that if she's not interested in it, she wouldn't do it."You can make yourself insane thinking about all the possible outcomes of the what-ifs, the should-ofs … Dakota Fanning, who at age 8 became the youngest nominee in history at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, turns 23 in 2018.

But even then, they've managed keep work and private life separate.

to us, we're so different," but there has to be just a smidgen of sibling rivalry in there somewhere, right?

(2008 — 2012) movies, thanks to the hoopla surrounding co-stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, which drowned out her own vampire role.

Would it kill Dakota to take a page out of Jennifer's playbook and give the fans just a bit more of a glimpse into her life — or at the very least, learn how to take a tumble (or two) on the way to the Oscar stage? Now it's Dakota's turn to tackle the adaptation as both a first-time producer, and in the starring role.

It's also a ground-breaker for Kirsten Dunst, who co-wrote the script (her first feature screenplay), and who will helm the whole project in her feature directorial debut.

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