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Thank you, Angela, for creating such creative and consistently GOOD recipes. I made this last night for my lunch at work today and oh my goodness, I love it!The vibe of this blog is really positive and life-affirming. This will most likely be a weekly meal for my lunches. The only I didnt add was the onions (not a fan of raw onions) and added some dill relish! :) Reply I just made this recipe and it is amazing.Reply This sounds delicious Ange, and that’s coming from a hardcore tuna lover!I recently shot a recipe with the cucumber cup idea and found the same thing as you – definitely better done with the peels off! Also, I am pinning this salad recipe for next week! Reply Hey Sarah, There are many oil-based or egg free mayo’s on the market (without the vegan label) and some happen to be vegan, so I would check some labels in your store just to see.(It’s the first thing I check every morning when I get to work! I agree that trusting your instincts usually ends well.

I’m thinking it would be a great way to use the leftover pulp after making your fresh almond milk! I didn’t have kelp flakes but I did have dulse flakes so…in they went. I’ll wrap it either in nori or romaine leaves with cucumber spears for a tasty and healthy lunch tomorrow. Reply yes, I have used the pulp from almond milk for a recipe similar to this — it’s a little dryer of course, more like a “tuna” salad w/Vegannaise. I’d suggest giving it a try and maybe adding a little water or oil if it seems dry.

bagel, garden fresh tomato, tuna, vegan cheese, and a little broil… I love that you make my old meat favourites (yes, I really liked tuna melts! Reply CONGRATS on your nomination, much deserved :) I love the fact you scooped out the cucumber what a great idea!

I had always had a hard time getting my hummus to stay on top of the cucumber but now I see scoopin it makes it happen ;) Thanks for sharing this delish recipe! We just added it (along with homemade hummus) to our salad for lunch. I’ve tried so many of your recipes and have loved them all!!

The first time I made mashed potatoes (I was 8) I threw the potatoes in whole. I also love the walk through of how you’ve grown in your cooking abilities.

I can definitely relate to it- as 4 years ago, when my fiancee and I first were dating, I made him banana pancakes which ended up being burnt on the outside and still soggy in the middle. Now, my fiancee can’t even remember the last time he cooked because I love experimenting in the kitchen so much! I’ve had “tuna” made from processed chickpeas before, but never almonds.

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