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I can’t wait to learn about new plant based recipes and how I can incorporate more healthy foods into my diet.

Quick question for ya- what kind of food processor do you own?

I’ve made a bunch of your recipes and they NEVER disappoint. Reply This is such a cool idea – I would never have thought to use almonds for TUNA!

The more I experiment with vegan switches, the more plants amaze me.

I will be making this again-thanks for the post and looking forward to your cookbook! Now I love cooking so much and have just started blogging to share that passion. I love the little cucumber cups but am probably more likely to just pile a heap on a big leafy salad for lunch :) Reply Thanks for the great recipe Angela!

I am going to make “tuna melts” out of it tomorrow…

I recently shot a recipe with the cucumber cup idea and found the same thing as you – definitely better done with the peels off! Also, I am pinning this salad recipe for next week! Reply Hey Sarah, There are many oil-based or egg free mayo’s on the market (without the vegan label) and some happen to be vegan, so I would check some labels in your store just to see.

bagel, garden fresh tomato, tuna, vegan cheese, and a little broil… I love that you make my old meat favourites (yes, I really liked tuna melts! Reply CONGRATS on your nomination, much deserved :) I love the fact you scooped out the cucumber what a great idea!

I had always had a hard time getting my hummus to stay on top of the cucumber but now I see scoopin it makes it happen ;) Thanks for sharing this delish recipe! We just added it (along with homemade hummus) to our salad for lunch. I’ve tried so many of your recipes and have loved them all!!

I think this would have a heartier consistency, which is something I look for in a dip or sandwich! Also, just voted for you on the Veg News Veggie Awards! Your blog has been an incredible source of inspiration for me. This faux tuna salad is brilliant and congrats on your nomination. Your blog is my absolute favourite for the recipes, gorgeous pictures, and your writing :) Reply I love the hollowed out cucumber rounds as the base for these.

I’ve only been eating entirely vegan/plant based for about a year, but your recipes got my husband (and entire family) to see that eating a plant-based, vegan diet does not have to equal bland salads and boring food!! hehe Thanks for all the inspiration and motivation here! And years ago, like 2009-ish, I used to make tons of mock salads like this. Reply What a fantastic and creative way to eat delicious soaked almonds!

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