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"I never want to hear the term 'long con' again," Stupin recalled of the writers course correcting the contentious storyline. The whole second season was, as I call it, ' Pacey's Pond.' " 14.

"All that other stuff was the filler we needed," Fatore said. Williamson said he knew early on that Joey and Pacey would explore a romantic relationship. On the series finale, Stupin recalled the penultimate episode of the show originally planned as the "series ender." But then the network and everyone in the writers' room wanted to get Williamson back to write a grand conclusion..

There was fulfillment and they were all happy." 16.

Williamson said he opted to kill Jen off as the last piece in the show's coming of age concept.

Mike White () was a consulting producer early on and wanted everyone to pretend they were Scientologists for the new writer who was coming in, Bicks recalled of the writers' room jokes. Williamson gave Stupin a lot of credit for his work as a nonwriting producer/showrunner (recalled Stupin auditioning potential writers by assigning them to write the short teasers.

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He was terrified to discuss the story with the network.

"I thought every writer on staff was laughing at me because I'd been rewritten," Thomas said.

Added Williamson: "I didn't know what I was doing, either! The Joey-Dawson kiss in the season one finale was done because Williamson wanted to defy all the standard teen shows at the time.

"You saw the chemistry and it opened up and then we just put a lid on it," he recalled of the fan favorite pairing. (He had excited day-to-day to work for the Weinstein Co.'s deal for the franchise.) The penultimate episode had to set up the two-hour finale that Williamson wrote in which everyone jumped ahead five years. On having Joey ultimately end up with Pacey, Williamson said that wasn't always how he envisioned the conclusion.

"It was clear to us that it was she and Dawson who would wind up together," Stupin said.

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