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That's why we did it that way," he said, noting that all three combinations of Dawson/Joey/Pacey were soul mates."When you left the show in that last moment, they're a family and everyone got what they wanted."I thought every writer on staff was laughing at me because I'd been rewritten," Thomas said.Added Williamson: "I didn't know what I was doing, either! The Joey-Dawson kiss in the season one finale was done because Williamson wanted to defy all the standard teen shows at the time.

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"It was clear to us that it was she and Dawson who would wind up together," Stupin said.

On the flipside, the 20th episode of the season — the style hour in which Dawson finds out that Joey and Pacey are together — stands out. Bicks pointed to Jack's (Kerr Smith) coming out storyline in season two, with Williamson and Plec noting that at the time, the show needed to expand the universe.

"Every single character is sort of my personality," Williamson said, noting he's both the kid from the creek, aspiring writer, kid who never got anything right, the broken bird and more.

"We should try to do something scary or some young ensemble show …

and then Kevin's life came into it." "Even when he was winging it, it was amazing," Stupin said of Williamson's original idea for Dawson and Joey.

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