Is leonardo dicaprio still dating blake lively 2016

I think he's wise to keep his trap shut, and I bet Matt Damon wishes he'd done the same.Unless a man is willing to admit that he's been sexually harassed himself, and few are, anything they say is likely to be attacked as "mansplaining", "hypocrisy", or "part of the problem". There has never been any insider gossip as such about him.Leo was in such high demand in the 90’s, I doubt he had to persuade anyone on the casting couch. There are certain key aspects that perplex me about him:-1) He’s never seemingly had a girlfriend who is another actress. It’s really unusual for him to have not paired up with at least one actress.2) By now I would have thought he’d have had a marriage to one of these models3) Not a great deal is known about his personality.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta was quick to clap back after actor Marlon Wayans compared her to his White Chicks character.

Leo and Tobey were seen going shirtless while taking a dip in the water.

At one point during the afternoon, Leo was spotted snapping photos of Nina and her gal pals.

“They all seemed […] Handbags — they’re investments that can instantly change the vibe of your outfit.

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