How to stop steam updating

The rest was made up of service engines and Departmental locos.

In 1948, six new BR Regions were formed, their new boundaries corresponding closely to the lines of the former 'Big Four' railway companies.

To the far left and in the distance is the station pilot, An Ivatt 2-6-0 possibly 46416.

(Below) Many other types of trains could be seen at Rochdale, from the numerous coal and van freights, local parcels and the daily Scotswood-Redbank Newspaper train.

(Below) This ER Morten shot was taken in the opposite direction from above, using the footbridge spanning the lines serving Chapel Street station as a vantage point; it shows the once-busy carriage sidings in October 1953…a graphic reminder of the copious coaching stock required to facilitate the influx of rail visitors to the resort.

In the middle distance just beyond the excursion platform is the old steam shed (27C) later to become the base for Steamport, but the site was subsequently flattened to make way for the present day Central 12 shopping complex.

Here Stanier Class 8F No 48382 is seen approaching Rochdale station on a van train in the 'down' goods loop soon to pass the 'Fish Dock'.

The Windsor Road footbridge provides a good view of the once-extensive trackwork, the excursion platform and Loco Depot in the middle distance with its typical L&Y ramped coaling stage topped by a water tank.

(Inset Right) Fast-forward fifty-odd years and Alan Trotter's photo shows just how much of the railway infrastructure has vanished over the years.

For example, it was not unusual for the new BR Standard classes to be found working hundreds of miles from the Region they were initially allocated.(Above-Below) Click on NEW PAGE!

Featuring Trevor Ermel's visit to Carlisle with a camera during the 1960s.

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