Gillette razor dating guide updating cas disclosure statements

Eversharp Injector Fashion Razor Eversharp Fashion Razor for Women. Ever Ready Safety Razor 1924 Ever Ready single edge safety razor. Eversharp, Inc., 1800 Roscoe St., Chicago, Illinois. Inside head is marked Gem / Brooklyn / New York / Made in USA.

Gillette Atra Black Ribbed Handle Gillette Atra black plastic ribbed handle, nice condition. The blade cartridge contained a band which by turning a key the edge moved forward.

Gillette Techmatic Safety Razor, Band Type Razor Gillette Techmatic safety razor with a replaceable band-blade cartridge.

B&R Sanitary Safety Razor The B&R Sanitary Safety Razor. Uses thin rectangular blade 3/4 X 1-7/16 inch, seems the Enders single edge blade works. 1940's era, made by Conrad Razor Blade Co., Inc., Clix Division 36th St.

Short square ribbed black handle, Hydro-Magic lever and gold head. Gem Single Edge Safety Razor Featherweight Gem Featherweight single edge safety razor silver colored with ivory colored plastic handle.

Eversharp Hydro-Magic Injector Razor Eversharp Hydro-Magic injector safety razor. Gem was made by American Safety Razor Corp., Brooklyn, NY Gem Junior Razor, Thick Black Handle Vintage Gem Junior safety razor with thick black plastic handle.

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