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hopeless (situation), desperate (situation) bezzaščitny adj. kindly disposed; favourable, favorable, beneficial, propitious blagoslavjati Disclaimer: Please remember that this is a work in progress. Don't be surprised if you find basic words missing, while on the other hand the list contains several rarely-used terms. brotherly; braterska ljubov brotherly love brati (bere) rebellion, revolt, uprising, insurgence buntovati se

unequalled, unparalleled, unexampled, unheard of bezpriměrny adj. central; centralna nervna sistema central nervous system; Centralny Komitet Central Committee centrizm m. floral; cvětna kapusta cauliflower; ~ pyl pollen cvětuči adj. This is because several words have been added from texts written in Interslavic. Also, because several people have worked on the dictionary simultaneously, it cannot be guaranteed that every single word has been researched properly.

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