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Fortunately I had better results when searching for a more contemporary keyword.I got 85 results for “tribbing” which is pretty respectable, considering “tribbing” is a keyword I only encountered for the first time about a week ago.Mixxxer is an adults only hookup site that caters to swingers and the sexually adventurous.Peachmate continues to offer you the best full featured hookup website.But before we get into the details of that enormous collection of delicious smut, let’s consider the other statistics: they tell us that Lush Stories is a community as well as a story site, with active chat rooms, user blogs, a large and active forum, and user-uploaded albums for image sharing.Users can have profiles in which to share information about themselves, and there’s every sign that users follow each other on the site, leave comments, share favorite images in albums and comments, and generally hang out together on the site even when they aren’t writing or reading erotic stories.

All that the obfuscating Javascript accomplishes is to proclaim by its existence that the site owners are either clueless enough to to refer to the HTML source when a block of text is needed for some legitimate purpose, like the quotes in this story.

But, with fine-grained checkbox control over which categories to search, a single keyword is usually going to be enough.

Even searching for relatively rare fetishes like figging delivers a good selection of results, like this erotic re-imagining of Beauty and The Beast: He finished paring the ginger and held it up for her to see. The middle portion bulged out to about the width of a fat carrot before tapering down to a narrow neck. Beast leaned close to her ear, and said, “My dear Beauty, I’m going to slide this here root deep into your ass. Then, I plan on spanking those white ass cheeks until they are glowing red.

The more you dance around and the tighter you clench your ass, you will be squeezing more and more juice from the ginger root.

You know what it did to your lips; just think about what it’s going to do to your ass.” No site is perfect, and I encountered several oddities and imperfections at Lush Stories that have tempted me into criticism.

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