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Coming off of the first point, I really appreciated how the authors tried to ground their advice in the Bible as much as possible.While I was a bit skeptical at first of their claim that the Bible says more about this than we think, I was won over by the end of the book.“Boyfriend/girlfriend” is a category of relationship we invented and then wondered at god’s lack of directi I read this book because some high school boys we know were reading it and I wanted to be able to talk to them about it.

To have a book start with the Bible and looking at the point of marriage first is a refreshing perspective in a very crowded field of perspectives on this topic.

Both shouldn’t be too hard to tackle if you’re aiming to dramatically alter your love life.

But sex is not evil; it is just like electricity to me; a massive power that has to be directed in its proper place and never used casually. In the church they keep talking to you about how horrible it is to have sex outside marriage. Yes, it is about your soul, giving away what is an integral part of who you are.

While I would counsel every individual to their diverse personality, needs, and the person of interest, I will certainly use explanations from this book to guide my children or other singles I have relationships with.

A very helpful book and overall I found it a refreshing, clarifying, and encouraging look at the topic.

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