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They spend more money on giving corny names to their cliques rather than getting something done. -- it was inclusive of the various arts -- painting, sculpture, media, music, etc.-- and it was an alliance between artists, businesses, and government; one person thought this wasn't "sexy" enough, even though it clearly said exactly what the group WAS, so suggested a cryptic and idiosyncratic name (GARAGE), and, being rebuffed -- after a second vote kept it again -- campaigned to get the agreed-upon name changed to something almost as cryptic, Arts WAVE, but it's the same basic group.(18" x 34" beautifully framed)If anyone is interested in purchasing leave your e-mail address and I will contact you. If so what justifies the tax breaks for the artist.My 2 year old does art work, can I rent some space at a discounted rate?In fact, the speed with which the artists originally began "getting something done" even outstripped the organization's ability to formally organize as a 501c3 with a board and everything, which is one reason the pols realized they didn't have to be as involved. ) but those who are NOT IN government, NOT artists per se, and NOT business sponsors. I am not saying it is not needed, I am saying the way it is done simply wrong. Some have come back more often, a few have located here or are thinking about it, particularly with the artists' lofts provisions. If anything, the way it started, bringing together dozens of artists, businesspersons, govt officials, and interested citizens was absolutely right; if anything, the ball was dropped and it devolved since then, losing steam and momentum. Oh, and I didn't CALL you a "bitch"; I accused you of bitchin' and moaning and grumbling. And just calling me a nut (care to define that one? Why don't you point out ONE "nutty" thing I've said here?For example, Iris Friedman offered to serve as treasurer and then stepped up to president. But the artists think they really know what they are doing! I say white,you say black, I say right you'll turn left. "If you cannot answer a man's argument, do not panic.When Michael Faraday was asked what was the purpose or value of his brand new electric motor, he asked "What is the purpose or value of a newborn baby? You can always call him names." -Oscar Wilde See, now THAT's an interesting point."Things have to start, get traction, and grow; calling things a failure or joke (there's that lame term again! Of course, each artist is likely able to sell his or her own works; what is needed is a central gallery or broker setup, either under the aegis of the arts alliance, or some independent entity, with either a brick-and-mortar gallery space and-or an online site so that those interested IN the art, including purchases, can find it, look at it, price it, and buy it!

Renting a firehouse is OK for a one-shot event, but not for ongoing activities; in any case, there are several FREE venues that can also be used for some events, such as the Village Hall, or the Library's Community Room. They sound like a bunch of politicians that can't make a decesion. ("What's all this I hear about violins in the streets? It BEGAN as EA3, for Ellenville Area Arts Alliance, a name I supported because EACH WORD helped explain what it was: it encompassed not just the village but the whole Ellenville Area -- Cragsmoor, Kerhonkson, Spring Glen, Ulster Heights, Napanoch, etc.

IF you are interested, you may want to contact the village or the library (where the pictures are displayed) and have copies sent to you, and bid a price on your own; although the talk about sale was JUST TALK, in today's climate, NOTHING is completely off the table.

FYI -E L Henry although he is from this area also did portraits in the Carolina's and Conn.

You can call whatever you want art, but that doesn't mean anyone has to buy into your claim.

And it takes more proof to qualify for an artist loft permit, which, BTW, involves buying A WHOLE BUILDING, for all the following: living, studio work, and sales.

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