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Yet, given his popularity and his role as protagonist on a show ostensibly about the aspirational and seductive power of advertising, it’s important to understand that Draper himself is an exercise in personal branding.

The charming, creative Don Draper is a persona adopted by Dick Whitman, the son of a prostitute and an alcoholic, who adopts the identity of Draper following a tragic accident with his commanding officer (the original Don Draper) in the Korean War.

We discuss the origin of the character and why they have had such an enduring influence on the popular consciousness.“People tell you who they are, but we ignore it because we want them to be who we want them to be.” – Don Draper, Mad Men On the surface, Don Draper is the kind of man that seemingly has it all – the good looks, great job and beautiful wife we expect of our fictional heroes, whilst simultaneously wishing it for ourselves.As the protagonist of AMC’s ‘Mad Men’, Draper is the perfect specimen for a series examining the world of advertising in 1960s America.A man of his time, but with an undeniably timeless appeal, he was an archetype of traditional masculinity and embraced as a refreshing antidote to the vagaries of 21st century manhood.Preceding the success of ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Mad Men’ was AMC’s first foray into original programming, developed from a pilot script crafted by former Sopranos writer Matthew Weiner.

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