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Summing Up the Evidence10.2 Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon The Development of Pueblo Bonito The Function of Pueblo Bonito Evidence for Elites The Chaco Network The Rise and Fall of Chaco Canyon Summing Up the Evidence10.3 Cahoka The Layout of the Site Evidence for Inequality Feasting Summing Up the Evidence 10.4 Great Zimbabwe The Layout of the Site The Function of the Enclosures The Organization of Great Zimbabwe Society Summing Up the Evidence10.5 Comparative Perspectives Discovering the Past: Why Do I "Do" Archaeology?

Saeger Original and reproduction military material, spanning over five centuries.Agricultural Beginnings Chapter 7: Towers, Villages, and Longhouses 7.1 Setting the Scene7.2 Stage 1: Kebaran and Geometric Kebaran Technology Settlements Domestication7.3 Stage 2: The Natufian Technology Settlements Domestication7.4 Stage 3: The Early Neolithic Technology Settlements Ritual Hidden Display Daily Life Domestication7.5 Stage 4: Late Neolithic Technology Settlement and Ritual Domestication7.6 Assessing the Neolithic Revolution7.7 The Spread of Agriculture to Europe Toolbox: Paleoethnobotany Toolbox: Harris Matrix Discovering the Past: The Iceman Chapter 8 Mounds and Maize 8.1 Plant Domestication in Central America 8.2 Maize Agriculture in the American Southwest The Formative Period Summing Up the Evidence8.3 Eastern North America The Indigenous Domestication of Plants The Adena and Hopewell Intensification of Maize Agriculture The People Behind the Transition Summing Up the Evidence Toolbox: AMS Radiocarbon Dating Toolbox: Handbuilt Pottery Toolbox: Isotope Analysis and Maize Agriculture Discovering the Past: "Towns they have none:" In Search of New England's Mobile Farmers by Elizabeth S.Chilton Chapter 9: A Feast of Diversity 9.1 Africa Villages of Hunter-Gatherers Pastoralists The First Farmers Summing Up the Evidence9.2 New Guinea Clearing Forests and Draining Swamps9.3 The Andes Domestication in the Andean Highlands Coastal Villages The Cotton Preceramic The Role of El Nino Summing Up the Evidence9.4 East Asia Early Pottery The First Farmers The Development of Farming Societies Summing Up the Evidence9.5 Questioning the Neolithic Discovering the Past: Researching the Origins of Agriculture in West Africa by Augustin F. Holl Toolbox: Pollen, Phytoliths, and Starch Grains Toolbox: Residue Analysis Part IV: The Development of Social Complexity Chapter 10: Complexity without the State 10.1 Stonehenge The Development of Stonehenge Phase 1-The Earthwork Circle Phase 2-Burials and a Timber Structure Phase 3-Stone Monument Phase 3a-- The Bluestones Phase 3b-- Sarsen Circle and Trilithons.In order to hook up with them, I definitely think that a package would be good enough for a start.I also connected with a girl from Thailand, and we struck up a friendship.

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