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Singer with the Models 99-13, 128, 66-18, 15-88, 15-91, 201 and 221.

There was a very desperate need for change with not only the family sewing machine but also for educators and high school home economic classes.

It has a reverse feeding mechanism which enables you to sew either forward or backward direction, making it easy to back-tack and to fasten the end of seams.

Singer built an entirely new style electric family sewing machine, embodying many exclusive features that simplify operation, making sewing a pleasure.

You don't want to pull or sew too fast, or the needle can hit the metal foot piece, weakening where it's joined at the Walking Foot.

If you have been wanting a good new walking foot, but have been disillusioned by other Walking Feet claiming to be the 'right' fit for the Featherweight 221 and 222 when they turned out to be misfits, well - you finally found one here, at The Featherweight Shop.

Engineered for precision, sewing ease, extremely reliable, built to be sturdy and withstand daily use and abuse, and last a lifetime.

It would be the first family sewing machine ever made that was a cabinet and portable all in one.

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