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Neither Kent nor Puccio actually participated in these movies, but rather allegedly directed them and coaxed a Florida man in his 40s to perform on camera.Kent tried to peddle a movie, titled Rough Boys, to porn shops across South Florida.attended South Broward High School in Hollywood, Florida.According to Tim Donnelly, who prosecuted all the conspirators for this murder, one attorney described Kent as "very Eddie Haskell like.By that time, Connelly knew she was pregnant by Puccio and was determined that Kent was not going to get in her way of a permanent relationship with Puccio.

Connelly tried to convince him to cut off his friendship, but Puccio did not seem able to do that.

Willis, Connelly, Semenec and Swallers then went back to Connelly's house and were joined by her cousin, Derek Dzvirko (aged 19).

Puccio alleged he was not a part of these meetings on July 13.

Being frustrated by how much time her boyfriend spent with Kent (aged 20), Connelly tried to distract Kent from Puccio by setting up her friend Alice (Ali) Willis (aged 17) with Kent.

Kent and Ali dated for a few weeks but Kent was abusive toward Ali and she cut off the relationship.

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    Before these deaths, on October 4, 2001, a commercial jetliner traveling from Israel to Novosibirsk, Siberia was shot down over the Black Sea by an "errant" Ukrainian surface-to-air missile, killing all on board. Despite early news stories reporting it as a charter, the flight (Air Sibir 1812) was a regularly scheduled flight.