Dating a military brat

Here are sixteen reasons why you should go out with an army brat this Valentine's day.

If you hate rowdy boys with shabby hair and untidy beards, you are in luck!

It was established with us in mind, so we can get ahold of our favourite treats, no matter where we are in the world.15.

Getting in your family and friends' good books should be a piece of cake (in theory).4. "Remember that time we went to the same school for longer than two years and grew up together?

Yes, of course we're biased, and no, you're not allowed to state your opinion – regardless of what video games or films you're basing that opinion on.

Feel free to tell us to be quiet if you want to enjoy them in peace, as we might impart our actual factual military knowledge on you.

Long distance isn't such a big deal to us and instead of, "What's up?

", our Skype opener tends to be, "What time is it there? Sometimes, we wake up in sheer panic, wondering, "Where am I?

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