Dating a military brat

Here are sixteen reasons why you should go out with an army brat this Valentine's day.

If you hate rowdy boys with shabby hair and untidy beards, you are in luck!

Camouflage print, love it or hate it, consistently shows up throughout the seasons.

We are tough, disciplined, travel a lot and the best of all, we know how to party!

The thing is, those video games and films have often been our parents' reality.

After they were deployed several times to dangerous locations and lived through war, we fail to see why you would want to play at it. With this in mind, we've developed what's known as 'gallows humour'.

Long distance isn't such a big deal to us and instead of, "What's up?

", our Skype opener tends to be, "What time is it there? Sometimes, we wake up in sheer panic, wondering, "Where am I?

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    The fraternization regulation was last updated in 1999.