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Sometimes it’s really hard to explain this world to him. But this turned out to be one of the most memorable days of the trip for Daniel.He came home and began to build his version of One World out of legos and yells out “One World!introduced the offices’ more recent and ongoing activities, aims and the ideologies embedded within its curating and writing practices to an audience in Tallinn, Estonia.The event is organised by Rebeka Põldsam, as part of the events programme of the Center for Contemporary Art Estonia (CCAE).” whenever he catches a glimpse of it in photos or on TV.That is one of the things I love most about travel.The presentation According to an Office Desk II, subtitled The Call of the Bowerbird as a Curatorial and Representational Device puts forward the intricacies of the Bowerbird’s mating call in which objects (findings) are assembled, arranged and staged in order to reflect back on oneself, to create an appeal for being the right partner.

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In that she makes use of her voice as an instrument to scan and articulate a particular situation and space, and thereby allow an environment’s often-hidden features to be foregrounded and experienced.Artworks become orientation points in the space; landmarks used to navigate courses of thoughts in the exhibition.The instalment and the production of a rhythm of an exhibition are equatable to the contours of territories on an atlas…The work forms part of the exhibition book has been used as a boomerang, which has in turn created a complete circle of dimensions – perhaps more than three.Using the original travel mates of the journey, and other hitchhikers along the way, a map has been generated.

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