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I calculated how much time we would have each day, the distances between our points of interest, weighed the pros and cons of each based on the preferences of each member of the group.Should I just say it’s the 9/11 Memorial and hope he didn’t insist on an answer he understood? We showed him the names around the memorial and pointed to the new towers. It was nothing like the stories we tell him at home.The presentation According to an Office Desk II, subtitled The Call of the Bowerbird as a Curatorial and Representational Device puts forward the intricacies of the Bowerbird’s mating call in which objects (findings) are assembled, arranged and staged in order to reflect back on oneself, to create an appeal for being the right partner.From this position, the presentation diverges slightly to human nature and touches upon a similar dynamic as present within the curating and writing practices of The Office for Curating, as headed by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk.introduced the offices’ more recent and ongoing activities, aims and the ideologies embedded within its curating and writing practices to an audience in Tallinn, Estonia.The event is organised by Rebeka Põldsam, as part of the events programme of the Center for Contemporary Art Estonia (CCAE).” whenever he catches a glimpse of it in photos or on TV.That is one of the things I love most about travel.

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The sounds of birds, as played from the adjacent record player, come to stand for a graspable and thinkable, albeit problematic dimension: the distribution of the sensible beyond material and physical properties, as well as a conflict between a lawless nature and artificially constructed gridlines.

Opening performance of 'Invisible Architecture' by Janneke van der Putten and Christian Galarreta ––– Closing event on the 28th of September, with the performance of 'Voice and Space' by Janneke van der Putten and workshop participants, followed by the lecture 'Threads of A – Conversation' by Joke Robaard.

, Janneke van der Putten (1985, lives and works in Rotterdam) presents a number of recent and ongoing works in which the relationship between sound, voice and singing, as well as the human body, time and space are investigated through her personal experiences, physicality, and voice.

The lengthy walks, tours and listening studies that Van der Putten conducts are an important starting point for her work.

In that she makes use of her voice as an instrument to scan and articulate a particular situation and space, and thereby allow an environment’s often-hidden features to be foregrounded and experienced.

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