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Womens figure skating team announcedwhy wed love to date a navy sealwere feeling especially grateful for this elite branch of themilitary after a team of them took down osama bin laden in pakistanlast weekend.As a consequence of the Macedonians' role in the formation of the Koine, Macedonian contributed considerable elements, unsurprisingly including some military terminology (διμοιρίτης, ταξίαρχος, ὑπασπισταί, etc.).Among the many contributions were the general use of the first declension grammar for male and female nouns with an -as ending, attested in the genitive of Macedonian coinage from the early 4th C BC of Amyntas III (ΑΜΥΝΤΑ in the genitive; the Attic form that fell into disuse would be ΑΜΥΝΤΟΥ).Also pleadedguilty small town where lived and different activities during thecourse of the next years.Secret-keeping is just a part of the job andtheyre well-trained to not go around bragging about theiraccomplishments.

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