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Squire Brandon is Sky's squire and bodyguard, a great swordsman and his best friend. In Season 1, he introduced himself as "Prince Sky" but his lie is later admitted, and continued to go by his real name, Brandon.

Brandon is a young man with tan skin and a medium, athletic build.

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Surprise call to Tommy Chong, HBO premiered a new comedy on Saturday: Paterno, nobody understands Cardi B, the Menendez brothers reunite & we check in with “Vacation Maz”.Brandon is the fun-loving, hot and a hunky boyfriend of Stella. He excels in sports and enjoys working on his motor bike.Brandon is also an incorrigible flirt, as was shown in "The Show Must Go On! In honor of it’s long history and the boys and men that came before us, at Heirloom Barber and Shave Shop, we strive to hold on to tiny bits of history by providing an establishment and overall experience that takes you back in time an allows you to imagine what it might have felt like sitting amongst other men with the sweet aroma of oils, tobacco, powders, tonics and leather filling the air. The option to buy high end after-shave’s, creams and other items? Brandon was very helpful and is an extremely talented Barber. Dating back to as early as 3500 BC, the barbershop, over time has transitioned into what we know it as today.

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