Avg stuck in updating mode

burn it to a cd -rw then boot on it by changing your boot sequence from cd drive first,here is the link. The last 48 hours that I was having problems with my recently purchased one month old Toshiba Satellite, yours was the only column I could find on the internet.

It turned out that a Service or Startup kept making my system "Hang" at my Vista Welcome Screen or I was only able to get to the desktop before it would freeze and the wheel kept spinning, and the stupid Toshiba rep never gave me this option to stop service or disable programs until I did it myself! Up until yesterday (before I was able to MSCONFIG myself out of the whole mess), upon pressing F8 repeatedly I was always able to get to the "Advanced Boot Option", which till then also gave me the option to "Repair My Computer" and hence Run Recovery Options and other Restore options etc.

yes dr,.disgust it wont work unless you can crack the password.

When I called Toshiba again to ask them where the option went they told me since there is nothing wrong with the computer anymore, I will not be offered that option until the next time something goes wrong. I hate to say is but there seems something strangely inaccurate with that statement.If that doesnt work go here and download the display adapter for you pc Hi there I have a Toshiba satellite pro A100.....i want to restore to factory settings....i have tried pressing and holding the 0 key , f8, f9, and f10 keys but nothing works it just starts up as normal to the windows xp screen, I don't have the recovery CD, I am at my wits end, can any one help me please, regards Yvonne hi, try these steps, hope they will help you: 1. 3)Under "advanced boot option",highlight the option"repair your computer" and press enter.Copy all your files and documents to an external storage device. 3)System recovery option menu will show up, select country and keyboard layout then press next.if you noticed it right after you bought it you should have returned it.i know you have a warranty why not try returning it? try restoring it the day you think it was working well.i hope this would is hard to give advice if I dont personally see it.besides im not an expert gee..hey ts boy one thing for sure u got virus in your system if you constantly surf or download files from is your antivirus anyway? after you have finished scanning and got rid of any unwanted files,you can try starting sysytem restore from the command instructions are in the windows help and support center.

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