Am i dating the wrong man

The more you believe you are worth, the more you will be able to spot their controlling ways.

If you feel alone because of the relationship / your partner it’s not fixable, you are with the wrong person. is easy to spot and you will only tolerate that for so long.

Perhaps you had an unstable male figure in your life as a child, or your first relationship was one that left you hurt and wounded.

It is possible that you are choosing relationships that repeat the unavailability, rejection or abandonment issues that were familiar in your earliest relationship with the opposite sex.

That being said, I do believe there should be an effort to communicate and try together to right the wrong, get the relationship back on track.

If you try with all your heart and it’s still wrong, then it’s not fair to either of you.

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Ninety percent of your relationship is going to be hanging out, watching movies, sharing meals. So without the banter piece, things can get boring very fast. Good banter is one of the pistons that keep a relationship exciting and moving forward. I don’t know, but if you are in something where he/she always figures out a way to make it about them, you’re going to feel like Jennifer Lawrence’s character in “Mother”. So all you can do is check in with yourself often and live at the intersection between smarts and feelings, right brain and left, logic and magic. Let’s get back to finding wrong as fast as you can. If you don’t feel safe, first explore why before you start blaming. Besides the obvious like physical abuse, emotional abuse, infidelity (assuming you’re in a monogamous relationship), there’s character assignation, control, crippling jealousy, poor communication, leaving people in the dark, actions not lining up with words, a change in values. Maybe two people spending time together, or having sex, or think they’re in a relationship but you can’t build anything without first building trust. Once you’ve discovered why you don’t feel safe, you can then communicate that. You can learn to dance with someone without stepping on toes. Here are some suggestions to help you know when something is wrong = unhealthy = unsustainable = building on sand. If you don’t feel safe, you can’t trust and if you can’t trust, there is no relationship. Maybe there’s something happening with you that you must own?

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