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A controller, on the other hand, will want to know every detail. Another sign is asking accusatory questions such as, "You were with another man, weren't you?" Sometimes a partner will notice that one of your friends is a bad influence and will mention this to you. A controlling person, however, will sometimes make comments about all of your friends, most often negative comments.

It may even seem cute how often he or she checks up on you, for example.Do you know how to recognize the signs of a controlling relationship? This can make it harder to realize you are in a bad relationship until after you experience emotional or physical abuse.It is normal for a controlling relationship to start well, or at least have the appearance of being good.And at the same time, your partner can never control you unless you give them that control voluntarily.So if you’re living with a partner who exhibits controlling behavior, you have yourself to blame too. When you’re in a relationship, there may be a few things about you that your partner doesn’t like.

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