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Reports suggest that in recent years, many mosques in the Maldives have fallen under the influence of foreign, conservative imams.

The previous president, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, who had been Asia's longest-serving ruler and who positioned himself as the country's "defender of Islam", had sought to use the religion to bolster his dwindling.

While his inclinations may be of a moderniser, he remains dependent on the support of the conservative Adhaalath Party.

Indeed, the party is said to have a grip on the ministry of Islamic Affairs which Mr Nasheed created last year, apparently a political reward for its support.

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Of those 146 were women, with the majority of the punishments still to be carried out.Last night, presidential spokesman Mohamed Zuhair told The Independent the government was committed to fulfilling its obligations to international treaties that prohibit torture. In Judaism: Jews never use that spelling ("Jehovah;" or "Yahweh").Over the course of the exile, the exact pronunciation of God's name יהוה has been lost.(The usual transliterations, Jehovah or Yahweh, are according to Jewish tradition inaccuraterenditions based on a misunderstanding of the the way יהוה is printed in such vocalized texts as Hebrewprayerbooks and printed Tanakhs.) The name of God is not pronounceable for us, partly due to to areligious prohibition for Jews (Talmud, Sanhedrin ch.11), andpartly due to the fact that the way in which it is pronounced hasbeen lost to history.

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