Abstinence during dating all turkey dating site

For the first time in my life I gave myself the chance to discover and be to live as I am, to listen and live from my heart and to love myself as I am.

This heart-opening year allowed me to see and feel the truly beautiful, passionate, blazing love that burns inside me.

I learned that that is my true power and that is the place where my true voice emanates from. Every challenge I faced along this journey served to help my growth.

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The love I had been seeking in others my whole life I gave to myself throughout this year.Everything that I learned, realized, overcame and experienced by keeping this promise to myself made it truly the best year of my life. I learned that I had to heal and become whole myself before I could enter a healthy relationship with another.If you find yourself caught in a cycle of unfulfilling and destructive relationships, a similar course of action may be of benefit to you too.He respected my position and decided for himself that I was worth the wait.As our courtship evolved and things started to get serious, he recognized that celibacy had to become his goal too; not just my own.

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